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Construction Financing

Whether you’re a large builder constructing 100’s of homes a year, a home builder specializing in customized construction, or a small builder just starting out, C.M.B. Canada Mortgage Brokers Inc. can help you with a dedicated builder program that offers unique builder financing programs to meet all your needs. CMB Builder Specialists are your dedicated relationship managers and single point of contact for all your financing needs. Dedicated turn key service include: Credit Facility Management; Customer Partnership Planning Sessions, Speculative Financing, Purchaser Mortgages, Draws, Inspections and much more… CMB has many lenders to meet your needs. What does that mean to you? Unquestioned backing and capital. This capital strength translates into available builder capital for your construction needs. Straightforward, simple credit facility application process through CMB Builder Specialists. Builder Product offer CMB arranges Draw Financing to you the builder for model homes, pre-sold and units being built on a speculative basis. We will also provide access to funds tied up in sold/unsold, finished/unfinished homes to use towards your next project: -No front end fee’s -Competitive construction rates -Flexible draw schedules Draw Mortgages Our draw mortgage program allows you to receive funds on each home as construction proceeds. Advances are available to you at each stage of construction: Lock-up – 35% to 55% complete Drywall – approximately 75% complete Completion – 97% complete *additional draws may be available with approval Funds are advanced to your solicitor upon completion of a satisfactory inspection. On occasion, funds may be available the same day of the request. Your CMB Builder Specialist can sit down with you to customize a mortgage financing program which includes CMB builder credits. A CMB builder credit will accommodate your spec and pre-sold requirements on a revolving basis. We’ll review your financing needs, gather the appropriate paper work, and submit your credit requirements for approval. Once the program is in place, CMB will review the builder credit annually to ensure that all your mortgage needs are met. Consumer Product Offer (Takeout Mortgages) In addition to arranging your financing, your CMB Builder Specialist is available to look after all your purchasers mortgage needs. The CMB broker model provides your purchaser with unparalleled choice. Your purchasers can choose from over 30 other lenders. All our products have competitive rates and terms available. Mortgage Solutions for customers with unique qualification issues or pervious credit issues. Your Builder Specialist is available to meet your customers in their home or office at a time that is convenient for them. The CMB Builder program specializes in all areas of construction financing. CMB is committed to make your goals a reality, contact a CMB Builder Specialist today! Rose Simone, Vice President C.M.B. Canada Mortgage Brokers Inc. Construction and Commercial T. 416.410.3842 ext. 3

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Current Interest Rates
as of 4/4/2014

1 Year CMB 75 Equity3.89%
1 Year CMB Equity Assist4.5%
1 Year CMB Equity Protector12.99%
1 Year Open CMB Equity Construction7.99%
5 Year CMB VIP3.09%
5 Yr VRM CMB Entrepreneur2.5%
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